Avengers fanfiction male oc from our world

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Avengers fanfiction male oc from our world

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Tony Stark is a good man. He has lost his entire family yet lives his life devoting himself to helping others. Steve Rogers never knew the secret that Tony has kept since his parents death long ago, but it finally comes out, and everything makes a little more sense.

Things change for the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist when someone he thought long gone, has been alive this entire time. And Steve has to learn how to keep his secret from everyone around him, without hurting those he cares the most about. Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check. Everyone always expects you to prove yourself in one way or another. Sometimes, you just have to turn it around and do it for yourself. After his incarceration for war crimes and conspiracy against the state which Tony may or may not have had a hand inSecretary Ross outs Tony as an Omega just as Tony is scrambling to bring back his old team.

A team that hates him. Losing all his assets and propriety in the wake of this news, Tony is forced to bond with the man who betrayed him in order for everything he worked for to fall in the right hands. Steve agrees to the bond as long as Tony follows some rules Continuation of my one-shot, Loki's Lullaby.

Hela manages to break out of her prison a little ahead of schedule. Now, she's on the war path. For his whole life, Loki has heard a whisper on the wind. It would always come when he was most at need of comfort.

The whisper came in the form of a song, which he cannot seem to quite remember. He had never told anyone of this.

When Storms Come and Stars Collide (Thor fanfic trailer)

So how does this strange woman know it better than he? Now, Loki has to decide where his loyalties lie.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Some Good Male Self Inserts. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: Mouse the Annon - Stories: - Followers: 48 - id: A Stark Contrast by LordofAdmirals reviews Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being starts a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death.

Unknown to Tony Stark, Maya Hansen gives birth to a son, who is trying to save the world because that's what a Stark does. Friendship and Magic by Aiashi reviews A genre-savvy Self Insert dies and is reborn as a magical baby.

Wait, this is Harry Potter?

avengers fanfiction male oc from our world

Well fine then, maybe he isn't THAT genre-savvy. The Champion of Ravenclaw by Pacco1 reviews Drawn into the Wizarding World, Daniel Lovage is thrust into a position where he is able to change the world for the better, or worse. Working his way into the center of the story, he finds himself battling enemies as well as friends.

As he digs deep to try and change the world, he begins to discover dark and horrifying secrets, some about himself. Reduced Mass 2 by DavidJ reviews Nine years came and went, and the adventure has only just begun. Have I prepared enough to be able to stop Saren and his army of geth? How will my presence screw things up this time? Only time will tell. Garson, Kaidan A. Oh Hades, the Unforeseen Avenger by Death Fury reviews What if someone from our world woke up in the MCU, what if he reincarnated as a Villain, but was given a choice to right the wrongs.

What if destiny works in mysterious ways. What will he do? Rated T for now. Can I, a middle aged 21st century plebe succeed where a bunch of bodacious badasses failed in not having Anakin go bad? Can I also avoid a shanking from the Legion of Sith friends?

Instruments of Manipulation by Mizudoriko reviews Sometimes, life gives him existential crises. Other times, it drowns him in paint and toxic fumes only for him to wake up in a hospital of a fictional world. Then he realizes he'd somehow hijacked the body of a canon character who got killed by Sakura and shit just got real. All he wanted to do was finish the final project of his art major.

Sasori did not sign up for this insanity. What Type is Darkseid anyways? Or Batman for that matter. Naturally, he has great potential to change the game, but finds that the world also has the power to change him in return. Absolutely nothing bad can come from this, right? Slash fic. Just Saying by J. Castle reviews A college grad finds himself reborn in a world he read about when he was a kid.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Home Community General Male self insert, male original character. Male self insert, male original character. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: Withdrawncar14 - Stories: - Followers: 1 - id: I'm putting the ones I find interesting here first, then I'll go back and add ones I've read but are still updated. I hope they are at least. Have fun reading! Just pm me if you make or find a good one!

Anita Fite attempts to reveal her mother's killer while she becomes a vigilante of her own. Drake Maverick simply found a blue symbiote known as Blaze, they become anti-heroes as they try to clear the streets of evil.

Can they balance their high school lives with their superhero lives? Recognizing the chance that he is given and the fate that now rests on his annoyingly small shoulders, he tries to go through life simply doing the best he can. But can destiny be truly changed by the actions of one man especially since he's not a Skywalker? Only time will tell Reduced Mass 2 by DavidJ reviews Nine years came and went, and the adventure has only just begun. Have I prepared enough to be able to stop Saren and his army of geth?

How will my presence screw things up this time? Only time will tell. Garson, Kaidan A. But when an attack on the village claims his brother's life, how will Matsuo manage without him?

avengers fanfiction male oc from our world

How will he raise his nephew to be the man his father wanted him to be?Hey everyone, I have been a big fan of Fanfiction for years, and I have read many great fanfics throughout the years, and I've also acted as a Beta Reader for other authors, but I thought I would try my hand at making my own fanfic. Now, I would like to state for the record that while I am well aware of how Fanfiction works and how people will judge new fanfics, this is still my first fanfic nonetheless, so cut me some slack if some of you find it disappointing.

I am writing this story since I am a huge Marvel fan, and that applies to both the comics and the MCU. Now, I would also like to state for the record that this story was inspired by "The Spider" by I'mjusttryingtofindmyway.

It is an amazing fanfic, and definitely isn't like your standard Self-Insert fanfic. If you haven't read it, I would strongly recommend that you do. And chances are that I never will. That was all that I could see, a never-ending white void in every direction with absolutely nothing to distract me.

My memories of what happened before this were a blur, but the last thing I remember was going out with some friends to sweet party, there was a lot of dancing and drinking involved, and in the end my friends and I had left at 3 in the morning, with the majority of us being heavily drunk, with my friend Michael being the least drunk out of all of us. Obviously, we all had to leave, and Michael decided to drive back. In hindsight, it was a terrible idea. No one drunk should've been driving, but we were so drunk we weren't thinking clearly.

And in the end, Murphy's Law decided to be a bitch to us, as the next thing I know, there's a blinding white light in front of us before everything went dark. This is SO unfair, I wasn't even fucking driving, and I still get in an accident, I just hope that everyone is okay.

Except Michael, I'm still a little pissed at him for getting us into this mess. At this point, I want to know where am I. Am I alive? Am I in a coma or something? Am I fucking dead?! It was unlike any voice I had ever heard, as it sounded unreal and somehow you could feel the power within the voice. I turned around to see who the owner of this mysterious new voice was, and what I saw was a person unlike anyone I had ever seen, if he could even be considered a person at all. The "person" resembled a male man, except for one key difference: his body was pitch black aside from millions of little, glowing white dots that resembled stars covering all of his body, like he was the Night Sky given a Human form.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kira has lived a long and unfortunate life. She has both the Lamb and the Beast within her. The Lamb allows her to heal otherwise fatal wounds and the Beast heightens her senses, giving her razor-sharp claws and canines. She has been captured for a century, undergoing torture and experiments.

She gets rescued by the Avengers, but is she truly free? A certain super solider wants nothing more but to help her, but how could she trust him? Her faith in humanity was snubbed out a long time ago. The Lamb pulls her towards the team but the Beast pushes her away. Kira knows better than anyone that nothing is truly as it seems. My life sucks. Why did I have to be born? At least I have my brother. A follow up for 'Avenge me, please'. What if Thea the original female character had feelings for the team but felt hollow after a heavy sexual intercourse.

It may be her kink to be used sexually, but now her heart is exposed, she is deeply wounded and felt dirty. She didn't think the rest of the team could even love her and decided to step away before, she got hurt. Clint had never meet her though due to family circumstances. They had never gotten along unless they had to.

He knew about the girl but not much.

Jada Havens has been a paramedic for 5 years. She had gotten accustomed to having the avengers drop by after they got beat up. Her entire life is overturned when she finds out she's his soulmate.

avengers fanfiction male oc from our world

Despite this, fate is determined to separate them and Rory finds herself in the hands of the Avengers, who she quickly learns are also her soulmates. Easily overwhelmed with unstable powers, this sixteen-year-old is in over her head as she has to adjust to a life free from HYDRA and with the Avengers, all while searching for Bucky. Will her numerous soulmates help her, or will they drive her away with their attempts to help?

When Riley gets the power to control wind and it becomes evident that she is the heir to the Asgardian throne, Elly, Steve, Thor, and Tony take the twins to Asgard to train her.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Just as the title says, for the whole of I will be posting a small drabble with Bucky.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel merchandise, franchise and all the chises in between. Bucky and Natasha have a good thing going. He seduces and marries rich men, and then he kills them. They split the money between them, then they run to a new state to play the same game over again. One depraved doctor, two troubled boys, three Italian Fronts, four dancing monkeys Bucky clenches his fingers tighter, and pulls him until he follows, stumbling against a tree farther away from the hustle.

He lets go to practically hug the bark of the tree, looks up at the canopy and around him again. Steve, thinking him delirious, reaches out to check his temperature. But you feel…Is this? After being flung around like a ragdoll by the Hulk, Loki had laid on the floor of Stark tower coughing up what Tony had assumed was blood, until he saw the God of Mischief roll onto his stomach and black liquid that almost seemed alive came pouring out, wiggling across the floor like a slug.

Loki had been infected, under the control of someone else, with what though, has continued to be the biggest question as Loki serves as one of the Avengers, behind the scenes. Doing his best to make reparations for the damage he caused while not in his right mind and trying to let his mind heal.

None of the Avengers on Midgard nor Odin and his on Asgard could figure out what it was that Loki had spit up after being tossed around.

That feeling he gets in his stomach whenever he does, the twisting of his guts that makes him want to pack up and leave? He shoves that deep inside him so he never even has to think about it.

Following you, following Steve Rogers into fights, making sure he makes it; then Captain America's sidekick, remember?

avengers fanfiction male oc from our world

The B-player, making sure that player A shines. I was always meant to be in the shadows, so what, again, I ask, was I supposed to fucking do? Ask you to stay? God, how selfish would that be of a sidekick, hey? Keeping the hero from getting the girl? Bucky's life took on a life of its own - the last thing he really remembers is standing in the field, asking where the fight was.

Now, after the fight is over, after Steve's decision, after discovering time travel is possible, he needs to find a way to move forward. Or backwards. Either way, he is not ready. The escape from the old Hydra scientific facility was a success, but what comes after?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Ellos se fueron. Se sacrificaron por el mundo. El universo. Pero es un disco en blanco, debe recordar a poco a poco. El camino es largo y es despiadado. Aunque sus manos se llenen de sangre debe seguir. Steve Rogers is a best-selling comic book writer and artist. His semi-autobiographical graphic novel was adapted to the screen by himself and the eccentric Academy Award-winning director Stephen Strange, starring Steve's childhood best friend James Barnes.

Steve has the final leg of his European tour promoting his book ending in the United Kingdom, and an old friend from his art school exchange program offers to catch up. Steve can only stay so busy before his personal life suffers for it, and he knows he's lonely, and he knows that deep down he's been denying something his whole life. La soledad y tristeza fueron la causa. Un obsequio singular Literalmente hablando. Ghost Adventure.

Doctor Who. Hawaii Jurrasic World. Star Wars. Actors, singers. The first time Steve laid eyes on Loki in Stuttgart, something happened to him, and he's not sure what, but he knows he can't tell anyone. He makes the perfectly reasonable decision to get the God of Mischief out of his head by finding someone who looks like him. When the worst happens, who'll pick up the pieces when Steve falls apart? Steve isn't sure if Littles still exist.

He lost his boy 70 years ago.


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