Lifting shackles

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Lifting shackles

With a variety of chain shackles for straight pulling, anchor shackles for multi-dimensional pulls, lifting shackles, and many more stainless steel D shackles and bow shackles, we have the equipment you need to get the job done.

As a versatile tool for connecting lifting slingswire ropechainand ropethese connecting links are essential for a variety of rigging, lifting, pulling and hoisting applications.

Lifting Shackles

Because they come in a wide variety of styles and types, and with so many different options available, choosing the right shackle for the job can be confusing. If you have any questions, contact one of our product specialists on our sales team. The rounded design of anchor shackles and bow shackles allow them to take loads from many directions without developing significant side load.

The larger loop shape of an anchor shackle or bow shackle does reduce its overall strength, but it is also able to handle a larger strap. A d-shackle is narrower than a bow or anchor shackle and generally have a threaded pin or pin close. The smaller loop is designed to take high loads primarily in line.

Side and racking loads may twist or bend a D or chain shackle. Galvanized metal and stainless steel both offer excellent protection from rust and corrosion, making either a great choice. In general, galvanized shackles are ideal for industrial applications where moisture is not a major issue. Galvanized steel has a thin coating of zinc oxide to protect the steel from elements that lead to corrosion and oxidation.

Galvanized is also a great value as it tends to be less expensive than stainless steel, but still maintains the shackle's strength and durability. Stainless steel shackles are more corrosive-resistant and, are therefore ideal for marine applications. Type stainless D shackle equipment is ideal for sailing and yacht rigging uses.

As a variation on the stainless steel d shackle, a snap shackle is designed with a spring-activated mechanism so it can be used quickly and with one hand. These are handy for jobs where speed is important, or when an item needs to be hooked and unhooked often, but they are not recommended to secure heavy-duty loads. Our stainless steel snap-style shackles are in type stainless steel for extra corrosion resistance.

The pin that locks a shackle can be a deciding factor on which shackle will work best for your job. We carry shackles with loose pins, captive pins, round pins, screw pins, and bolt type pins.

Lifting Shackles

Screw Pin Shackles are popular because they offer a pin that is easy to connect and disconnect. Captive Pin Shackles offer a pin that cannot be removed from the bow of the shackle which is essential in various marine applications. This captive pin keeps the pin from accidentally falling out and into the water.

Twisted Shackles offer a hook up from the same direction the pin is facing making them ideal for certain limited hook up instances. Our wide range of shackles includes both domestic and import options. While the majority of our customers prefer Made in the USA shackles, we offer a variety of import shackles as well for those that would like a more economical choice. Please keep in mind that imported shackles must also meet federal specifications, just as shackles that are manufactured in the United States.

All of our shackles- both domestic and imported- are embossed with working load limit information for easy and fast identification.Screw the pin into position by hand for quick installation and removal. They're for use in low-vibration applications where the shackle remains stationary. Also known as anchor and bow shackles, the wide body provides room to attach multiple connectors.

Black - oxide steel shackles have a dark surface color. Galvanized steel shackles have a thick coating for corrosion resistance. Note: Capacities listed are for vertical lifting only. As the lift angle changes from vertical, the amount of weight the shackle can lift is significantly reduced.

A bolt fastened with a nut and cotter pin makes these shackles more secure than screw-pin shackles. A narrow inner opening restricts the movement of wire rope and chain.

They're also known as D- shackles. Their flat side allows web slings and straps to lay flat so they don't slide and bunch. Optional spools not included fit on the pin to center attachments and keep rope from sliding across the pin.

DIY FITMENT: Installing a 2\

The strongest shackles we offer, these connectors have a pin with flush ends that prevents snagging and accidental disengagement. They can be assembled and disassembled with a hammer. Replacement load pin kits come with a load pin to connect the shackle to your chain and two retaining pins to keep the load pin in place. Each shackle requires two retaining pins. The pins have flush ends to prevent snagging and accidental disengagement.

lifting shackles

Note: Capacity limits are based on loads applied in line with a straight length of rope or chain. Test all assemblies for required strength before use. One end has a bolt fastened with a nut and cotter pin for a more secure connection than flush-pin connectors. Contact Us Order. Log in.

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lifting shackles

Your Message. Call me. Please leave this field empty. We do not share your contact details with third parties. This is to comply with the GDPR regulations Rope Services Direct supplies high quality lifting shackles for a variety of different requirements in many challenging environments.

We supply bow and dee shackles in a range of sizes. They can support safe working with loads of up to 55 tonnes in-house. Or we can outsource to other suppliers for greater limits than this. All of our lifting shackles are guaranteed and are supplied with a test certificate for your peace of mind and to prove reliability and safety. Call us today on to place your order of any type of lifting gear and to discuss your current requirements.

We also have an extensive collection of other fittings to suit many purposes. The screw pin in a shackle enables them to be easily attached and removed. Lifting Shackles can be used in both lifting operations and static systems. They are used as a detachable link to connect different lifting equipment. There are different types of lifting shackles available which suit different applications. For example safety bolt shackles are used for long term or permanently fixed applications or where the load may slide on the pin causing the pin to rotate free.

Screw pin shackles are mainly used for non permanent applications. Due to the fact that the screw in pin enables quick and east attachment and removal.

We can offer an extensive range of bow and dee type shackles. Help is available to select the right one for your operation. Bow shackles are typically used with multi-leg slings whereas a Dee type lifting shackle is normally used for single leg sling applications. When lifting shackles are utilized for slinging and lifting purposes extra care should be taken.

For example, if a shackle is to be used with a wire rope lifting sling then you should ensure that the diameter of the wire rope is smaller than the widest part of the inner shackle area. It should not fit so tightly that is cannot freely move. When lifting shackles are used with webbing type slings either flat or round webbing you should make sure that the shackle is large enough for the webbing to lay flat around the shackle. Bunching up of the webbing is not a good idea. Sling shackles are great for use with larger lifting slings.

They provide a better radius to the sling being used, and therefore prevent the sling from bunching up. There are numerous specialty lifting shackles which Rope Services Direct can supply. Including, sling saver shackles, green pin shackles, trawler shackles, piling shackles, ROV release shackles and wide mouth shackles.Shackles connect slings, rigging hardware, chain, lifting devices, load cells, and other items to loads being lifted or pulled.

There are also Crosby shackles available to match the type of sling you need them to couple with. There are chain shackles available for use with chain slings, and Crosby Sling Saver shackles available when you you are using synthetic web slings or round slings.

The bows of the Sling Saver shackles are made flatter and wider to accommodate the synthetics and allow them to spread out instead of bunching up. For heavy lifts you may want to consider Crosby's Wide Body shackles. Bishop Lifting also offers an entire line of ROV shackles with several different handle options available to match your applications. If you have any questions about proper use and inspection of shackles, or if you need help figuring out which type of shackle will best meet your needs our experienced sales team is here to help.

Call them at or email them at sales lifting. Shackles 25 ton and larger are RFID equipped and Alloy Shackles are proof tested at the factory with certificates available upon request. Click on the shackle images below to view more information on sizes, working load limits, dimensions and weights. Shackles Screw Pin and Bolt Type Shackles Shackles connect slings, rigging hardware, chain, lifting devices, load cells, and other items to loads being lifted or pulled.

Get A Quote!We serve the land-based and offshore energy, construction and infrastructure, cargo handling and towing, marine, mining, and transportation industries. When you choose Crosby you are guaranteed more than superior products; you are guaranteed the quality assurance that comes with comprehensive risk management, world-class training programs, and a customer service and technical service team committed to exceeding expectations.

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Sin embargo, debe ver el video completo para completar el tema. The Crosby Guarantee Engineering and manufacturing excellence without compromise The Crosby brand has been trusted for more than years. Follow Crosby. Get Crosby Gear. User Feedback. Registration Help. Step 1: Create an account. If you already have an account, but forgot your password, click here. Step 2: Register for the course desired and await confirmation from Crosby. Step 3: After Crosby confirmation you may then attend the course.

Having trouble? Watch the how-to videos below! Create a Crosby Website Account:. You can learn more about these cookies and general information about how to change your cookie settings by clicking here. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.At Lifting Gear Directwe stock a great range of high quality lifting shackles including the bow shackle and D shackle varieties suitable for use in a wide range of lifting operations.

Bow and D type shackles are the most popular type of shackle which are available in various sizes and pin types as well as stainless steel shackles.

Green pin shackles are also available along with long dee shackles and special twisted shackles. We also offer an excellent range of specialist shackles for more diverse lifting applications including pilingROVPolar, Trawling, wide mouth and fixed nut shackles, take a look at our specialist shackle category where you will find much more detail.

LGD are also able to supply lifting shackles from the big brand names such as Kuplex, Yoke, Gunnebo, Cartec and more; if you wish to view these shackles then simply use the shop by brand category or search function, where you will find full details on each product. Shackles can be used in lifting and static systems as a removable link to connect wire rope, chain and slings. The differing types of shackles are best used for different applications.

Also known as Green Pin shackles, these are commonly used for either permanent or more long term lifting operations or sometimes in instances where the load and sling may slip against the pin which may cause it to rotate and subsequently fall out. These types of shackles are extra secure due to the bolt and cotter pin design.

This system also removes the need for tightening the pin prior to each use. Safety bolt shackle with cotter pin. Some shackles are available to comply with British standardsthese have a safety pin with a cotter pin which goes through the nut, therefore providing the upmost safety.

At LGD we take safety seriously, so we believe that features like this are useful for our customers as well. If you have any questions about lifting operations and the safety issues you face, use our contact details below to get in touch and we can give you the guidance you need. These are mainly used for non permanent applications, where the shackle needs to be removed regularly. Screw pin shackles can also be used for side loading applications with a reduced safe working load.

With these types of shackle it is necessary to check and re-tighten the pin prior to each and every lift. If screw pin shackles are to be used for longer term lifting applications not recommended — it is better to use a bolt type insteador for applications where there is high vibration activity. Vibrations could cause loosening of the pin, then a mousing technique can and should be used.

Mousing is the process which describes the securing of the pin, this is done by the use of annealed iron wire which is threaded multiple times through the hole in the pin and passed around the body of the shackle, twisting the ends to secure. This process prevents the pin from un-screwing. These are secured with a split pin and are for strictly in-line loading only.

They are ideal for use in any straight lift, towing, suspending or tie-down operation.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Please call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives who can help you get the items you need quicker!

Estimated lead times are based on normal buying patterns. Many times if this does not meet your requirements we can bypass normal buying cycles and get your parts on order right away after confirming availability with the manufacturer.

lifting shackles

Depending on your delivery requirements there might be freight charges involved. Should there be added freight charges incurred you will be notified of this at the time you place your order. Lead times can often be improved by shipping direct from the manufacturer to your location. Because of the various associations we belong to we have relationships with many distributors around the country which makes our ability to find alternate sources a viable option as it pertains to hard to find items.

Many times our experienced representatives can offer an alternate part that will work for your application. This could be anything from suggesting an equivalent part in another manufacturer to offering you a part with slightly different features that will satisfy your need. Your company account is blocked and you cannot place orders. If you have questions, please contact your company administrator.

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lifting shackles

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